Friday, September 4, 2009

Janice Eudis Nielsen Skousen, Samuel J. Skousen and the Nielsen family

Below is a portion of a letter given to Janice Skousen on July 28, 2006:

Dear Janice Nielsen Skousen,

"In a phone call conversation earlier this month with Mr. Skousen, he stated you and Mr. Skousen wanted individuals belonging to your extended friendship group and family members of your ex husbands family, to enter into my home for the purpose of viewing he house at (address of home ). It was expressed in the form of a demand, and it was stated you would obtain a court order to do so, if I refused or questioned, the entry of your friends and family members of your former husband whom you are close with, the Nielsen family, from entering my home.

The home has not been brought up to standard, or properly repaired, as I had put into the court orders years ago, and further damaged by Mr. Skousen, as well as normal maintenance required to maintain a home needs to be done. It was also stated by Mr. Skousen that you would refuse to repair the home and wanted your family and friends to view my home for the purchase of my un repaired home.

This letter is to inform you, you have knowingly involved yourself in illegal criminal activity for the purpose of defrauding, self enrichment, enrichment of friends and family as well as in illegal cover up of wrongful activity,......"

Mr. Samuel Jan Skousen and Janice Nielsen Skousen also had a bank account in my name going to their home for almost five yeas, without my knowledge or permission, which Janice and Mr. Skousen used for bank deposits, withdrawals and transferring large sums of money in and out.

Some religious people they are.

another letter will be added to the blog.

Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31, 2009 Samuel J. Skousen, Mental Health Dept. and Judge

The e-mail address Mr. Skousen has been contacting for months, is of an E Brown, Samuel J. Skousen, stating it is the e-mail address of the secretary of Judge Carol Hackett Garagiola; however the address is the e-mail address of the head of the Livingston County Mental Health Department, not Judge Carol Hackett Garagiola secretary. I was informed of this fact earlier this week in an e-mail from E. Brown. E Browns e-mail address and the e-mail Mr. Skousen sent me a copy of, is below in an earlier post.

It is unclear if this is an attempt by the Judge Carol Hackett Garagiola and Mr. Skousen to start a process to discredit, if so, the judge is assisting not only in a cover up, but a brutal method to discredit. This area isn't the old soviet union yet, where this type of tactic is and was used to discredit. Sadly, it would follow the Judges statement in court today of, "This doesn't make sense", "This doesn't make sense", as a man from a County Dept., computer open, typing away sat in the back of the near empty court room.

The motion made perfect sense, and documents the corruption and collusion within the county court system, relatives of Judges and Prosecutors involvement, as well as individuals involved in abuse and cover up.

and not the first time Mr. Skousen with the assistance of legal help has attempted to discredit. A former church member came to my home and relayed a conservation he had with Mr. Skousen were Mr. Skousen made the following statements an note was written up documenting the converstion:

The note dated 7/28/99 reads:

"I had worked on Sam Skousen's car, he told me he really wanted to get the children. Sam told me he and his attorney David Morris,( a Mormon church member) was going to try and make people believe Debbie was insane. Then they would have her committed, and he would get his custody ",--- the former member signed his name on a document, to the events of his conversation with Mr. Skousen.

for other reasons, why they abused Ms. Skousen and wanted her discredited; cut and paste:

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Samuel J. Skousen and Jan Skousen a Letter

Mrs. Hamilton e-mailed and stated you gave her a check for 3,000.00 dollars today for the roof, money for the roof and Ms. Hamilton too. Well, Sam,-- Samuel J. Skousen, King of the Hill, remember? You must be very satisfied with yourself. You made with off with everything and destroyed what you could. She is your hammer, like you said.

Sad, you could have not done the roof awhile ago as promised, you didn't, and left everyone hanging. Hope Jan's family enjoys the home, hope you make all the money you wanted so badly to have to do what you, it must have been very important to you. Money. Hope you gamble in Los Vegas, as Jan's family is accustom to --

Some of your kids cannot get jobs, because you were too busy making yourself important,they couldn't get the MBA you got, couldn't get the BA. They struggle to support their family. You did a fine job, you and Jan have such a wonderful and exciting life. You're the Mormon husband she dreamed of, the other one was too gentile. All you can think about, is the money you will make, money taking......... Money you and Jan ran through a bank account with my name on it -- Judge didn't care about that either. Just doesn't care.

Who was that lady sitting next to you in the hallway, the very first time we were at the FOC? Never figured out why she was there, but as I looked at the Judge today, they looked strangely the same, a twin perhaps? Remember you were almost crowing, as if there was something I didn’t know. First, I thought it was your attorney, but then no, never quite figured it out....

Since you and Jan have refused to come assist in taking the large items in the basement, or even help to clean a mess you left -- as you have done over the past many years, I will be contacting other charity organizations in the surrounding area, asking for assistance, hopefully there are some kind people left. Mormons are too fine a people, to be bothered with a tiny thing like making sure your kids got educated, your family emotionally healthy, or taken care of.

Your shameful, both you and Jan, going to Priesthood Meeting, Jan doing her Relief Society work, both of you running around making yourselves look good, helping your fellow Mormons, ---- letting the very thing in your life you were to cherish and take care of, go to ruin. It is unforgivable, and a hypocrisy, your a mighty powerful man--- like you wanted to be.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Judge said Sue Hamilton could Evict

I wasn't a surprise today, Mr. Skousen had indicated the outcome a few weeks ago. Mr. Skousen told Ms. Hamilton he had money to pay her today, as we sat waiting for the judge this afternoon he told her he had several hundreds of dollars he could pay her, and could get more. He only mentioned the check for the roof, saying he had nothing more.

Deals have been done for decades in the legal system here.

The Judge said she didn't care if we were left homeless. Gary McCrire's wife was left living in a basement of her mothers home, after having his divorce heard before Judge Garagiola. She was left with nothing. There were allegations Gary was abusive and controlling, but his wife was ordered for psychological counseling.

My concern, we already had our home broken in, and there was an attempt to remove documents, some were removed. Now, the Judge is putting us in a position to have everything we have exposed to these criminals in the county. Do as told by the receiver or evict, the problem is the receiver can decide it at anytime, with or without cause. My largest objections to the receiver is, she misrepresented herself when she came to my home the first time, the second is she allowed me no funds to repair the inside of the home, and continually gave Mr. Skousen preferential treatment.

Remembering the campaign signs of Judge Garagiola and William McCririe which were place one on top of the other, no surprise she would rule harshly. I think I have read where their children were friends, in long ago article I read.

A call came in to my son while I was in court, which referred to home brakes-in occurring currently in our area. Which has put my son on edge. No doubt from someone in the county, by what was stated. They wanted their sign put up on our yard also. --- funny, funny.

The judge does not care if women are left homeless, doesn't care a crime was covered up, just doesn't care.

An earlier case today in her court, was the son of Neil Nielsen, it is a DM case, that means a domestic case. Nielsen, William McCririe, Steve Garagiola a Channel 4 News caster, wife Judge Garagiola, buds?

Nielsen had been in trouble several years back on a penny stock scam he ran. Not sure all the out come on the case.

The other call which came in said a long time debt was to be paid.

Guess, a deal is a deal, even if it is a crime.

I had wanted the home repaired so a loss would not incurred, wanted to make sure we would be safe as the home was being sold. I wanted Mr. Skousen to remove the junk he left, which is too large for me to handle. --- Oh, no not precious Mr. Skousen, Mr. Skousen clean up a mess he left --- absolutely not!

Mr. Skousen is going back to Korea, even though he stated he lost his job. Did he keep his apartment there?


Hearing Before Carol Hackett Garagiola

Deborah Hon. Judge Carol Hackett Garagiola

Samuel J. Skousen
30979 Bramley Circle
New Hudson, Michigan 48163

The divorce order which was drawn up in 1998 is effectively a contract, a contract violated by Mr. Samuel J. Skousen with the aid of Richard Trost, to the detriment of Deborah and without Deborah consent, or knowledge. The reasoning behind Mr. Samuel J. Skousen’s and Richard Trost actions was to cover up a criminal act by an associate and friend of people in the Livingston County Michigan legal system. This was and is an impropriety on Richard Trost,Edwin Literski’s and Mr. Samuel J. Skousen’s part, some ten years ago, and part of an on going issue.

To revisit the Divorce Court Order in a detrimental manner to Deborah would be a violation of long standing principles of law. The divorce order cannot be revised in part, but may need to be reexamined in the whole to prevent further damages to Deborah, due to Mr. Samuel J. Skousen’s violations of the divorce agreement. Especially, since the party wanting changes, Samuel J. Skousen, is the individual which broke the agreement, when he failed to make repairs to the home, and made agreements not to sell the home in order to keep someone from criminal legal action.

Mr. Samuel J. Skousen’s, action before the court flies in the face of long standing legal principals established century’s ago, and flagrantly violated by Samuel J. Skousen and Richard Trost, emotionally and financially damaging Deborah for the past ten to eleven years.

The sale of the marital home was a key provision meant to insure Deborah could become established and what is going on, is Mr. Samuel J. Skousen continuing to batter, control and damage Deborah with the aid of the Livingston County Court system and the Friend of the Court by his current court action.

Not selling the home for ten years, has also been a financial benefit to Mr. Samuel J. Skousen, by having the home as tax write off, when Samuel J. Skousen’s salary substantially increased after the divorce, not having to pay alimony, as well as vastly decreasing the value of the home from the passing of ten years, which further damages Deborah. Mr. Samuel J. Skousen has waited for his current court action to a time he feels he can claim only his pension, and Mr. Samuel J. Skousen failing to mention his other ten plus business he has in his name, which Mr. Samuel J. Skousen has refused to account for. There are still large amounts of funds Mr. Samuel J. Skousen took to his business partners that are still unaccounted for, the court and attorneys aided Mr. Samuel J. Skousen in making sure the funds were not accounted for.

There is a attempt to shift the burden from those who violated the agreement namely, Richard Trost, Samuel J. Skousen, and Edwin Literski, and place the burden on to Deborah , to her financial and emotional determent.

The actions of the receiver, Susan Hamilton during the Friend of the Court meeting, where Susan Hamilton attempted to force Deborah into an agreement to Deborah, detriment through threats and intimidation, amounted to a grievous act of misconduct and a clear indications she cannot now, and should not have ever held the position of receiver; as well as Susan Hamilton’s previous recommendation made on November 14, 2008 to Mr. Samuel J. Skousen and Deborah , Ms. Hamilton recommended Deborah be removed from the home, and the home sold un-repaired, leaving Deborah homeless. The home being sold un-repaired was the desire of Janice Eduis Nielson Skousen, Mr. Samuel J. Skousen’s second wife, as documented in a 2006 e-mail, regarding Janice Eduis Nielson Skousen wanting the home at 4175 Summer Hill, Brighton Michigan for her brother.

In Mr. Samuel Skousen own statements he has stated, that Ms. Sue Hamilton was his hammer against Deborah to make alimony concessions, Mr. Skousen statements, furthers the predetermined role of Ms. Hamilton as a detrimental and damaging force in Mr. Samuel J. Skousen’s current court actions. Deborah is demanding Sue Hamilton’s immediate removal, she cannot continue in her role as receiver, as it is increasingly raising questions of improperly on the FOC and court part.

Concern is also raised, regarding Livingston County courts, due to the influence of Livingston County Judge Susan Geddis and William McCririe a Prosecutor in the Livingston County Court system, due to their involvement in the malicious prosecution of Deborah , as well as the Geddis/ McCririe continued role in the divorce case, as attempts were made by Attorney David L. Morris, Samuel J. Skousen, Edwin Literski and Richard Trost, to conceal the family relationship of the Gaddis/ McCririe and sell the home undervalued, thorough the brother in law of Judge Susan Geddes, Garry McCririe, a real estate broker, prior to the closed door agreement between Mr. Samuel J. Skousen and Attorney Richard Trost. Gary McCririe is now Genoa Twp. Supervisor. Genoa Twp. is the township where Deborah currently resides and where the marital home is located.
Documentation will be brought to hearing.

June 24, 2009

For other reasons why the county has abused her and her kids, cut and paste:

Bizzy blog from a conservative blogger: The Case against Mitt Romney his risky associations and entanglements


Sunday, June 7, 2009

David L. Morris, Samuel Skousen, Gerald Eidt

Additional information on attorney David L. Morris, from Allen Park, Michigan, who is a long time Skousen family friend. Mr. Samuel J. Skousen stated Mr. Morris was his attorney, which mean David is advising him -- however, this information has come forward on David Morris:

Transfer of an incompetent or incapacitated attorney to inactive status (MCR

On May 22,2008 in a notice issued by the Attorney Discipline Board, State of Michigan.
David L. Morris P 34973, Allen Park< Michgan, by the Attorney Discipline Baord
1. transfer t inactive Status
2. Effective May 22,2008
The Grievance Administrator and the respondent filed a stipulation containing the agreement of the parties that respondent be transferred to inactive status pursuant to MCR 9.121 (B) and until such time as he may be reinstated in accordance with MCR 9.121 (E).

Has Mr. David L. Morris been reinstated? Sure hope so if he is MR. Samuel J.Skousen's attorney!

For other reasons on why they have been abusive copy and paste the following links.

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and Strange Bedfellows blog below:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Gerald Eidt, Samuel J. Skousen and Attorney David L. Morris

Past time to update “Is this the Christian Thing to Do?”

It was court day today, in front of Mr. Eidt. Mr. Skousen did not give the discovery information, which was requested, and Mr. Jentzen did not fulfill his promise to mail me the discovery information on Mr. Samuel J. Skousen many business. There are around 10 plus business Mr. Skousen is running in different names of incorporation which I located and may be more.

Mr. Gerald Eidt stated he had not received my income information, even though my son had taken it to the FOC last week and dropped it off. The clerk signed for the packet. Mr. Edit stated he is not given items addressed to him, which is given to the FOC, where he works. Guess, it goes into limbo land. After Mr. Eidt feigning he had no information in the file, had no idea who in the FOC would be given a packet addressed to him, which was signed for by the clerk in the FOC, Mr. Gerald Eidt was completely clueless as to where the packet may have gone.

However, Mr. Eidt located the ‘missing information’; when I picked up my cell phone to make a call to my son.-- I did not need to make the call, Mr. Eidt quickly located the information and attached letter. Gee, it was in the file-- in the first few sheets on top of the file.

It looked a bit of a charade regarding the missing packet of information, and an attempt to be dismissive.

Mr. Samuel Skousen perjured himself. Wonder if the courts will penalize him on perjured statements? If he told the truth, it would indite the court and Mr. Skousen in the cover up which has gone on.

Amazing --- and normal

It is unfortunate when ‘religious’ people behave the way this group has – it is a complete mockery. In observation of them, they appear to enjoy it, as if it is some form of game, a game of calculation, a thrill of the kill—

Mr. Skousen, mentioned "his attorney" David L. Morris, who has a law office in Allen Park, Michigan [that is way across town]. Dave has not attended any of the current hearings, Nola Skousen, Mr. Skousens spinster sister, worked several years ago for Dave Morris in his small law practice when she was out of work.

Dave Morris, Mr. Samuel Skousen, along with two other Livingston County attorneys and another sitting Judge at the time, were involved a few years back, in attempting to run the sale of real estate through a family member of current sitting Judge Susan Geddis, through Susan's brother in law Gary McCurire, none disclosing the family relationship, or the conflict of interest in the involvement. The property was going to be grossly undervalued, and myself defrauded.

Sam ( Mr. Skousen ) has been stating he was Pro Per. However, David L. Morris must be advising Mr. Skousen on the sidelines, since he is not listed as his attorney in court record -- I doubt Dave’s influence was ever far. A smoke screen, by David Morris and Mr. Samuel J. Skousen.

David L. Morris is a long time childhood friend of Mr. Samuel Skousen youngest brother Jay P. Skousen, Jays wife Jan Skousen and baby sister Nola Skousen. They grew up together and were quite a clique. Dave as a child was cruel and caustic to others outside their clique; this is of course, an observation, which formed a personal opinion of him and reinforced later, when a couple having the misfortune to run up against them in their adult years, mentioned to me the "clique" had forced him and his wife to move, because of catty things being said to his wife. and their marginalizing his wife in the LDS Ward they were attending together. -- it was always more peaceful to live far away from them, and it was not difficult to empathize with the husband. He was a good husband to protect his wife from them and move her away, so his wife would not be their victim.

As a child, Dave often pranced around telling of his 'elite' Mormon polygamist roots; appearing to feel superior to others, [personal opinion of course-] -- glorious polygamist roots! It was not surprising Davie would delight in entering in.

additional information per poster comment:

(By Consent)
Case No. 07-56-PI
Notice Issued: May 29, 2008

David L. Morris, P 34973, Allen Park, Michigan, by the Attorney Discipline Board.

A former church member came to my home and told me of a conversation he had with Mr. Skousen, he was kind enough to write a note on what he stated Mr. Skousen said during the conversation with him. The note dated 7/28/99 reads:

"I had worked on Sam Skousen's car he told me he really wanted to get the children. Sam told me he and his attorney David Morris,( a Mormon church member) was going to try and make people believe Debbie was insane. Then they would have her committed, and he would get his custody ",--- the former member signed his name to the events of his conversation with Mr. Skousen.

for other reasons, why they abused Ms. Skousen and wanted her discredited; cut and paste:

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The case against Mitt Romney his risky associations and entanglements

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Steven Jentzen and Livingston County Michigan Courts

Mr. Steven Jentzen sent in the mail a notice for a Motion To Withdraw he put into Court on April 3, 2009 ( I think the date is Mr. Skousens birthday). The hearing is scheduled for April 23, 2009 before Judge Carol Hackett Garagiola.

Mr. Steven Jentzen sent his e-mail on March 9,2009 notifying he withdrew on March 7, 2009 from the case. I was forced into the March 20, 2009 FOC hearing without an attorney, because Mr. Jentzen had not ‘officially withdrawn’

The withdrawal sent to me by Mr. Steven Jentzen read as follows: The withdrawal Mr. Steven Jentzen wrote up himself:



Case No. -DM
Judge: Carol Hackettt Garagiola
V Referee: Gerald A. Eidt



Steven M. Jentzen P29391
Attorney for Plaintiff
106 South Washington Street
Ypsilanti , MI 48197
(734) 482-5466
(734) 482-2440 Fax


At a session of said Court,
City of Howell , Livingston County , Michigan ,
this _____ day of March, 2009.

PRESENT: HON____________________________ Circuit Court Judge

Plaintiff, Deborah , having stipulated hereto, and the court being duly advised in the premises; NOW THEREFORE,
IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that Steven M. Jentzen, P.C., may withdraw as attorney of record for Plaintiff Deborah ., and that said withdrawal will be effective on the 7th day of March, 2009.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Plaintiff shall retain other counsel who shall forthwith enter an appearance, or notify the court she intends to proceed in pro per, on or before March 14th, 2009.

Circuit Court Judge

Approved as to form and substance:

___________________________ _____________________________
Steven M. Jentzen P29392 Deborah, Plaintiff
Attorney for Plaintiff

I could not sign Mr. Steven Jentzen withdrawal, with his ‘further ordered’ put into his withdrawal -- I felt set up.
What Constitutional rights does Mr. Steven Jentzen believe in? Here four days lady to find and attorney, note a weekend is put into his “It is further Ordered”.

By March 19, 2009 I wrote to him stating

Dear Mr. Jentzen,

You are no longer my attorney and withdrew as of March 9, 2009. Your have not discussed my case with me, since my initial contact with you, you did not show up to a scheduled hearing in October 2008, or notify me of the hearing, and withdrew as of March 9, 2009 and you will not be paid. I cannot trust you to represent the interest of myself or family.


Another Withdrawal of Attorney form was returned to Mr. Steven Jentzen by me for Mr. Jentzen to sign, leaving off his "It is further order"; guess, he could not sign that one.

Mr. Steven Jentzen must not have understood he was 'fired' as of March 19, 2009.

on April 8. 2009 a second letter went out to Mr. Steven Jentzen which reads as follows:

Dear Mr Jentzen,

Your services have been terminated. You notified me on March 9, 2009 you were withdrawing from the case. As of the end of March your services were terminated. Your failed to sign the withdrawal form I sent to you, leaving out the stipulation I find an attorney within a few days time period for the FOC hearing, or go Pro Per......

Your failure to properly represent, failure to notify of the October hearing, a lack of attorney representation you are discharged. You have shown on conscience regarding your conduct.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Next Hearing April 16, 2009

Judge Reader is hearing the disqualification Judge Carol Hackett Garagiola again, on April 16, 2009 at 8:30 a.m.. A notice was sent out yesterday on April 3, 2009, a day after I was before Judge Reader on Thursday, April 2,2009.

This is even after the notice of the actions in Appeals Court was put into record a awhile in Livingston County-- giving Livingston County Court two copies of the appeals.

Judge Reader was given another copy of the appeals on April 2, 2009 during the court hearing.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hearing Before David Reader and a walk down the Hall with Neal Nielsen

Yesterday, April 2, 2009, there was a hearing before David Reader on a disqualification of Judge Carol Hackett Garagiola.

I have an appeals in the State of Michigan Appeals Court on an earlier decision of Judge Readers. The Appeals was entered into Livingston County court well over a week ago. Judge Reader was proceeding with the hearing, when I mentioned there was an appeals in. Reader stated it was not in the file, and I mentioned again, I had an appeals in.

I gave Judge Reader a copy of the Appeals.

Strange court file, not having the information in the file, especially since a copy was entered into Livingston County Court record. Wonder where it went?

I mentioned to the Judge I had given Livingston County Courts two copies of the appeals, paid a $25.00, and received a receipt, the receipt was at home.

Glad I had a copy of the appeals with me.

On my way into court for the 8:30 a.m. hearing, Neal Nielsen entered the court and cleared security before I entered. Nielson went into the clerks office; I noted on my way in, he was looking out the door of the clerks office. By the time I cleared security, picked up my purse, and started down the hallway, Nielson was at my side. He had taken a few quick steps to catch up, and proceeded to stay right next to me down the hallway.

Most people don't intrude on others personal space, when there is no intention of an conversation; they stay slightly behind, or pace themselves ahead

On about me: it tells of a day in the FOC, when: being in front of FOC referee Gerald Eidt, who clearly stated he does not read items in a case he is presiding over – this may be why Mr. Eidt named a former attorney, of Mr. Skousen’s, Neal Nielsen as receiver of our home; Mr. Skousen giggled as he lowered his head. After my objection, he proceeded to name other attorneys associated with Mr. Skousen.

"On November 14, 2001, the Commission filed an application for an order to enforce investigative subpoenas served on Neal D. Nielsen and Scott Nielsen, his son. The subpoenas sought documents and testimony from both individuals relating to false and misleading messages about publicly traded companies posted on Internet investor websites. Neal D. Nielsen and Scott Nielsen have not complied with the subpoenas issued by the Commission. A hearing on the Commission's application has not yet been scheduled."

There are many concerns on the conduct which has gone on for years in our courts and legal system.

(c) copyright 2009 all rights reserved

Monday, March 30, 2009

Motion to Stay to be Heard/strange e-mail

The Motion to Stay hearing, was moved from last Thursday (March 26, 2009) to tomorrow (March 31, 2009),before Judge Carol Hackett Garagiola

I was forced into a hearing on March 20, 2009, without and attorney, Mr. Jentzen had withdrawn on March 7,2009. The hearing was intimidating;- I had put in a Motion of Stay prior to the hearing, since my attorney had withdrew – but the motion submitted into court had been ignored.

The Motion of Stay had been submitted in court the week prior to the March 20, 2009 hearing, and scheduled to be heard on March 26,2009. There had been no response from Mr. Skousen objecting to the motion into court, and only smugness during the March 20, 2009 hearing.

Last Thursday, when the Motion was to be heard, Mr. Skousen had not responded.

As posted in an earlier blog, the Judge and FOC, had meet the night before the Friday, March 20, 2009 hearing and stated the hearing was to proceeded before the FOC; even with the Motion of Stay scheduled to be heard.

The strangest e-mail came through the e-mail today. I had to cut and paste it was from Mr. Skousen (March 30, 2009). Below is the e-mail.

TO: Elaine Brown
CC: P.C. Sue A. Hamilton
Monday, March 30, 2009 5:04:38 PM
I am in Korea and heard from my wife (Janice Eudis Nielsen Skousen) about a hearing scheduled for 4PM on the 31st of March requesting a 120 day stay. Because I am in Korea I have been unable to respond on this matter. Can you forward this response to Judge Garagiola just so the court understands my postion. I understand that since I will not be there and can not afford an attorney at this time that the matter may be defaulted to the plaintiff's request.

I will send a copy with my scanned signature later today (during your night).

I appreciate the help.

Samuel J. Skousen
1 248 504 4548 (this number will reach me in Korea)

Mr. Skousen, the hearing was originally scheduled for last Thursday, March 26, 2009. You had not even responded to the Motion of Stay on March 20, 2009, which you had already recieved served prior to March 20, 2009. I was forced into a hearing with you-- without and attorney, or my file! And you weep tears you are out of the country now, you are in Korea and you can not respond. What were you doing when you were in Michigan those several weeks?

Something is strange about the whole thing, there was no rushed e-mail last Thursday when the Motion of Stay was initially scheduled to be heard, but was cancelled because the Judge was ill. There was nothing put into court since you were first notified and served,weeks prior about the Motion of Stay. The Stay was filed in court weeks ago, while you were in the States.

Something strange is going on, and has been -

(c)2009 all rights reserved

Friday, March 27, 2009

I hired an Alliance Defense Fund Attorney/Web Search and Bank Account

Updated ---

Mr. Steven Jentzen to date has not put in his withdrawal in court, after notifying me on the 9th of March, he was withdrawing from the case; at least it did not appear on the Register of Actions when I checked yesterday. The Motion of Stay was not heard, after waiting for awhile at court, I was told the Judge was ill and had cancelled court hearings for the day, the motion was re-scheduled for next Tuesday.

The web search has been interesting to watch. Below (the Northville Ward info) has disappeared from a google search which Is this a Christan Thing to Do had been listed under, but appears in a Yahoo search; however, "Is This a Christian Thing to Do" does not appear in a Yahoo in a search. -- (*it is now back up under google search and Janice's facebook is now showing; one will not see our youngest son on her facebook; he has his own story to tell of the abuse in the Skousen Family, and how people are forced to submit, or their life destroyed.).

" Janice Skousen ---Members - The Northville Ward Relief Society Enrichment Groups (Novi ...
Meet other local Mormons to discuss God, religion and what is means to be a Latter Day Saint. ... Meetup Groups are today's support groups, ... Janice Skousen " - Cached"

I sat across from Janice Eudis Nielsen Skousen in a meeting a few weeks ago, and asked her why they were running a bank account in my name which was being sent to her address on Bramley Court, New Hudson, Michigan. I have never lived on Bramley Court and never in New Hudson, Michigan. I had been unaware they had a bank account in my name going to their house. Bank deposits, a U.S. Treasury income tax return of over $14,000.00, many deposits over $8,000.00, others of $14,000.00 and various amounts; many deposited within weeks, sometimes days, of each other. I had found out about the account by accident. Janice Skousen, fluttered and twittered and said she was Samuel Skousen's wife, and it was her husbands business, then smiled coyly and stated the account was now in her name along with her husband. Then why did they keep a bank account with my name on it?
Strange, most strange.

The account in my name had been going to her home for over four-five years, I never knew my name was listed on a Bank account going to their home -- Mr. Skousen and I had not been married for ten years! I gave no permission.

Half truths told. Mr. Skousen had lied about me for years, supported by his family. He told misleading and false stories like, how he was 'forced' to sleep in the basement, failing to say he had taken his son's place. Our son had felt he was too old to share a bedroom with his youngest brother, and put his bed in the basement - he wanted a room of his own, like our eldest daughter had upstairs in our home. His sister, did not have to share with her younger sisters, had a phone of her own, and Dad bought her a new (about 1 and 1/2 year old) car, which we made payments on; her phone bills to her friends and boyfriend ran several hundreds of dollars a month to close to a thousand dollars in a month time - even rude comments were not unusual and made; when a boy, she met at a mormon college and became engaged to, came to stayed at our home one summer. I was told "if I wanted help cleaning the home, to hire a maid". I had asked for help carrying groceries in the home, when I was running late for work. I was raised everyone helped with cleaning the home and chores, not only Mom.

Our son, had to buy a old car off his dad, one given to his father. The basement was unfinished, and cold. Our son came down sick, Mr. Skousen would turn the down the heat very low at night; it would freeze in the basement. As much as my son and I tried to beg Mr. Skousen to turn up the heat at night, he refused. I also asked Mr. Skousen, if he would build a room for our son downstairs, but he was too busy.

My son had become very ill, and we discussed why his father could not understand, and suggested his father take his place, to experience what he was allowing his own son to go through. . I suggested to Mr. Skousen to sleep a night or two downstairs to see what his son was experiencing. My husband defamed me before our divorce and after, he told he forced into the basement by me, never telling the whole story -- when all he did was to take his own son's place - a son he was allowing to become ill.

I know my girls took a fall, and were used as front people, becoming the "fall guys", and were put up to do some very cruel things; one day Samuel Skousen will need to step forward and be honest - as well as the Skousen Family- there are no halo's in the Skousen family. Janice Eudis Nielsen Skousen has her own motives.

[* * Joel Skousen, on Janice Skousen’s facebook, -- is not one of our sons, he more than likely is the youngest son of Mr. Skousen's brother, Jay Payne Skousen and his wife Jan Skousen. (yes, there are two Jan's in the Skousen family) Mr. Skousen eldest son, changed his last name, and no longer carries the Skousen name; we cannot blame him for that, our youngest son plans to change his last name also]

I rarely ever knew the Skousen family to be honest, in my experience with them.

Is this the Christian Thing to Do?

Honesty, must not be the basis of a Christ like life for many.

(c) copyright 2009 all rights reserved

Friday, March 20, 2009

Judge Carol Hackett Garagiola, Mr. Eidt went ahead with the hearing, Sue Hamiltion attended

Judge Hackett Garagiola made me go pro per in the court hearing, without attorney representation, my files, or anything to fall back on. I had the Motion of Stay at hand and Mr. Jentzens e-mail stating he withdrew as of March 7, 2009, but it was ignored – I was negated the right to locate another attorney, or preparation. I did not have my files, Mr. Jantzen has them, and Mr. Eidt went ahead with proceedings, per Judge Garagiola’s request - seems they spoke the night before.

Crime had been covered up for their peers and associates in the Livingston County legal system, which lead to backdoor deals, and cover up without my knowledge; leaving us as victims and another a victim - and stuck here for years - damaged; it was deflected today, as it has in the past -- I intend not to let them brush it under the rug - I am not going to let them forget and brush aside as they wish.

In case anyone wonders, I did call ADF and gave them a link to the blog. The blog has not been done without their knowledge; I mentioned how Mr. Jentzen had conducted himself in his representation of me these many months, and asked them the same question: “Is this is a Christian thing to Do?

From observation, for some it does not seem to appear it troubles them much, if it is the Christian thing to do, or not.

I wrote a letter to Ms. Hamilton, the receiver Mr. Skousen wanted to use as a hammer, to beat out concessions, when I returned home. She was pretty tough in the hearing, saying go along with her recommendations or be evicted -- her voice filling the room with the word "eviction", as she brushed aside the crime which was committed that caused the problem in the first place, her focus on Mr. Skousens welfare -- the relief he needed. Never addressing the needed relief we needed from being terrorized and harassed.

"The relief HE needed"- she spoke, she should ask our son about the relief he needs, about the things he overheard, about the abuse the county, it's legal people, who violated a child rights,- violations done to protect a friend of theirs- and took away two children's rights -- what relief was given the children from what they put him through, letting valuable years slip away -- ask my son Ms. Hamilton!

Bankruptcy for one she feels, relief for the other--- some groups need to hear the words spoken on that! callus- demeaning comments.

My son asked, when a question was asked, but never answered: "Why was she going to use the person who committed the crime to work for her, when she put her bid in a few months ago?" Referring to an extreme cost of repairs she was going to charge using her contacts. When I asked her to give me the names of the people she was planning on using, it was ignored.

At times a feeling over takes me and an inner voice cries out: "what if it was your child, what if it was your child!" "I wish you would go through the same!" "The same you inflict on others!"

Mr. Jentzen already said, it isn't. When I asked him what if it was your daughter? His response was "but it is not" --- (and maybe why he had no conscience when not notifying of a hearing or showing, forcing pro per with the court, with the document he demanded me to sign, --- --not a Christ like attitude. There maybe better people to represent the unborn child -- if one cannot respect life which is living, you mock the unborn child. Not even to have the decency to notify of a hearing, the legal rights of people-- proclaiming He believes in the rights of the unborn child-- Seems twisted, distorted to me.

The hearing was intimidating and I felt intimidated, and under duress- which I stated to them openly.

What a choice, go along, or evicted. Below is what I sent to her:

Ms. Hamilton,

There is an area I wanted to draw to your attention, as considerate as you were with Mr. Skousen’s money flow; allowing Mr. Skousen take a mortgage out to lower payments and to cover his expenses on repair of the roof. However for me, I have to take money from the little I make, to pay for interior repairs while having added expenses. You did not understand I trying to get this across to you. (but then maybe she did understand).

Mr. Skousen, is not out any money from his pocket – but I am to struggle, to go to collage, pay car repairs, insurance, bills for my sons car and insurance and I do cover some of his expenses, as well as the additional bills you requested, also to come up with interior home repairs from the little money my son and I have.

This and other reasons are why I need time to locate another attorney, than Mr. Jantzen who was a complete failure.( my personal opinion, through my experience)

-- debbie
It was unfair they forced a hearing, with no representation, no time to prepare myself -- and what Selective constitutional rights? Jentzen withdrew per March 7th, his withdraw stipulation, which he demanded I sign, stated HE wanted 7 days including a weekend, -- meaning four days, for me to find an attorney or go pro per in a hearing, with no time to prepare, that is what Jentzen who beat his chest procliming Constitutional rights stipulated -- beat his chest procliming Constitutional right, yet never notified of hearings or showed up for hearing he himslef scheduled-- then proclaims Constitutional rights! --is that the Christan man Jentzen? -- it doesn't seem the Christian thing to do.

Beware all born children-

“This is a tremendous victory for the most basic of our constitutional rights,” --Steven Jentzen. Mr. Jentzen seems twisted on his views on constitutional rights, when he never notifies people of hearing, never shows up. .

SIGN THIS, he demanded - even if his stipulation gave little rights!

--go along or evicted. -- intimidated and under duress. "I will sign for you, if you don't"

Is this the Christian Thing to Do?

“This is a tremendous victory for the most basic of our constitutional rights,”
Jentzen said in a statement obtained. “Pro-life speech should not be treated as second...

Was Mr. Jentzen concerned about our constitutional rights for legal consuel and representation?

At times it feels like it is crooked thing to do.........

(c)2009 all rights reserved

Thursday, March 19, 2009


We are working on putting up the the conversations with Mr. Samuel Skousen and Janice Skousen, my son and I are not computer savvy, it is a learning curve for us. Mr. Steven Jentzen withdrew on March 7, 2009. I was notified by e-mail on March 9,2008, but did not pick up the e-mail for a day or two.

In Mr. Jentzen withdrawal, he put in an order I find an ATTORNEY WITH 7 DAYs, or go pro per in a court hearing within days --- an all day court hearing! Isn't it nice he believes people, should have so little time to find representation, or prepare themselves and without their files!

Does not seem like a Christian thing to do, but it was not Christian defaulting in court either in October, when Mr. Jentzen failed to show up, or notify me of a hearing.

I received an letter from Mr. Jentzen today, saying if I did not sign his withdrawal he was coming to be my attorney. Mr. Jentzen is aware, I put a Motion of Stay in, to give time to locate a new attorney ---

I cannot sign what Jentzen drew up, and sent my own order of withdrawal without his stipulations. Maybe he feels people are mindless and should sign whatever is given to them!

I have notified Mr. Jentzen he withdrew as of the ninth and was no longer my attorney ( on the seventh he withdrew, however according to his e-mail). Mr. Jentzens tells of a call from the FOC, Mr. Eidt, perhaps?

It is beyond me, Judge Hackett- Garagiola (her husband works as newsman, in Michgian) can let women be so ganged up on! Fully knowing what is going on. There will be more on this on a later blog.

Maybe, more is going on in the Livingston County courts, and people are getting hurt, we were -- they were brutal and covered up wrongs and crimes of people associated with the courts.

Doesn't seem like a Christian thing to do.

Mr. Steven Jentzen, you know what was covered up, you know the crime it is, you know who was involved --- and the threats made to cover up -- and so do the courts!

“This is a tremendous victory for the most basic of our constitutional rights,” Jentzen said in a statement obtained. “Pro-life speech should not be treated as second..."

Beware born child -- selective some have selective constitutional rights.

seems better people could represent the unborn.

(c) 2009 all rights reserved

Monday, March 16, 2009


Sunday, Monday and early on Tuesday, the website had been removed from a google search, after several complaints, the website has returned.

I Hired an Attorney associated with the Alliance Defense Fund pt. 2

Mr. Jentzen has withdrawn from the case.

"Is This the Christan Thing to Do?" suddenly has disappeared from a google search, it appeared under Mr. Jentzen's name, Sam Skousen's name and Janice Skousen's name, as well as the first page of a search under its title. - gone -

Nothing on this Blog is untruthful; everything is documented. It puzzles me, people wish to hide their activity. An unborn child is important - my son asked why his life has not been important to those individuals who promote a right to life? Why his life has been damaged, as cover-ups, abuse, misinformation, and at times lies were spread? And why people who claim values and honesty, at times, show little of this attribute.

(c) 2009 all rigths reserved

Monday, March 9, 2009

I Hired a Christian Attorney, who was involved in cases associated with Alliance Defense Fund

My requests were simple, put in a motion to enforce the divorced judgment to have the home repaired, stop Mr. Skousen’s request for the home to go into receivership, and stop Mr. Skousen request to revise the divorce agreement taking away pension and alimony agreements.

This is what happened. A motion went in, with ‘a paper’ missing the court required, I was told - Mr. Jentzen said, a paper was missing, one not required in Washtenaw County, but in Livingston County when filing a motion. Most motions put into court require a motion, twenty dollars, a notarized signature, a praecipe and proof of service.

What paper was missing? Was he unfamiliar with Livingston County courts procedures? According to the Chelsea Standard, Steven Jentzen represented Webster Twp. Supervisor Dean Fisher on alcohol-related and other charges, dismissed- a byline carried. The Livingston County Court Administrator Mary Ellen Nygren is quoted in the article – and the following quote also is in the article: “Washtenaw County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Joe Burke said Fishers attorney, Steven Jentzen, has filed a motion to dismiss those charges.”

However in my case, a hearing was held without notification being sent to me, or my attorney showing up in the court. The judges orders never were sent to me by my attorney. I only learned about the judges orders weeks later, when the receiver called. The receiver mailed me the judges orders, after her call arrived ----a hearing I never knew about! Even though my attorney, according the record on his bill, spoke with the receiver a day after he missed the court hearing. Missing a hearing, not showing up, one defaults!

Life has been brutal, and sadly at the hands of people one would not think could be as cruel, or as cruel as they were. It was a simple thing which has been asked -- let us have a home, a life --a chance.

Yes, Mr. Jentzen knew the reason our home had not gone up for sale after the divorce; a secret pack, an agreement, I had not learned about for years. An agreement which would outrage any mother - and one a mother is not going to forget easily - or put in the past.

I guess if one is looking for an attorney to read e-mails, one who sets a meeting time with you and place, but never arrives and goes somewhere else, one who requests you to e-mail them and set two dates to meet with you and your former spouse after missing a meeting with you, to work out an agreement, then never responds back, fails to notify of hearings, and fails to send judges orders, the Decemeber 22,2008 listing on the bill: read e-mail- 1/2 meeting -- I have no idea what or who 1/2 meeting was with or about- the e-mail was not more than a few sentences.

Then sends a bill-

Is it a Christian Thing to do?

(c)2009 all rights reserved

Missed hearing no enforcement of divorce order -- attorney no show

What is not stated on this bill is, on this date: on Oct. 9, 2008 Mr. Jentzen records a telephone call, and looking over documents, except on Oct. 9, 2008 Steven Jentzen had scheduled a hearing for a motion before Judge Carol Hackett - Garagiola at 3:00 p.m.

I had asked for a motion to enforce the divorce judgement and have Mr. Skousen repair our home, as ordered in the divorce agreement, and to set aside Mr. Skousen's request for a receiver. The receiver, Mr. Skousen stated, was his hammer to make me agree to changes and removal he wanted on pension rights and alimony agreements, done during the divorce agreement ten years ago. Janice, Mr. Skousen's new wife, wants our home for her brother-- but he could not afford the home; she wanted our home at a price which would leave my son and I homeless. Jan has callously stated to my son, there should be no obligation for us to have a home.

[ a recording of Mr. Skousen stating Janice Eudis Nielsen Skousen, brother wanted the home
Will be placed here.]

Janice's words stung my son, Sam Skousen and Janice Eudis Nielsen Skousen, live in the home left to Janice Skousen, when her husband Mr. Nielsen signed off on a paid home -giving the home to Janice, along with all the furnishing when they divorced. Yet, Janice wanted us homeless.

I never received notice of the hearing, which was scheduled, nor did Steven Jentzen show for the hearing in court. Mr. Jentzen, did not even mention the hearing to me during our phone conversation on Oct. 9, 2008.

The date put on the stamped court record for the hearing request was on Sept. 16, 2008.

Note on Mr. Jentzens bill what he was doing on Oct.9, 2008 when we should have been in court: --- Oct-09-08-- Work on documents, telephone to client………………..0.60 hrs. ---$135.00 ---SMJ--.

Ms. Hamilton called several weeks later, during her call I leaned a hearing was held and no one had shown up, only Ms. Hamiltion. Note the entry on Mr. Jentzen's bill of Oct. 10, 2008

Oct-10-08 Telephone call from Sue Hamilton re: receivership

Steven Jentzen, said in his conversations with the receiver, she seeming willing to 'work' with me on the home. ----- The receiver recommended my son and I leave the home immediately, the home not to be repaired and sold strangely at the price Janice Eudis Skousen wanted her brother to pay.

On December 19 2008, Steven Jentzen was to met me before the hearing, he never came to where we were to meet for our conference, he went somewhere else. Mr. Jentzen never answered the e-mails, per his request, to set a time with Mr. Skousen to meet to see if we could make an agreement- a request Mr. Jentzen made over the phone on December 19, 2008. -- Mr. Jentzen never answered the e-mails sent to him per his request, but did, according to his bill read them.

[Janice Skousen's acknowledgment regarding us being in the home, not of our own will
Recording will be placed here]

One wonders why we are still in the marital home? Seems some do not want the truth to come out on that ---

It is a dirty county here-- and moreover,

Is this the Christian thing to do ?---

This is a tremendous victory for the most basic of our constitutional rights,” Jentzen said in a statement obtained. “Pro-life speech should not be treated as second...

is this the constitutional thing to do?


They have a strange view of religion, and the pro family values mock human decency.

Mr. Skousen, with the assistance of legal help, has attempted to discredit. A former LDS church member came to my home and relayed a conservation he had with Mr. Skousen, were Mr. Skousen made the following statements, and a note was written by the former church member documenting the conversation he had with Mr. Samuel J. Skousen:

The note dated 7/28/99 reads:

"I had worked on Sam Skousen's car, he told me he really wanted to get the children. Sam told me he and his attorney David Morris,( a Mormon church member) was going to try and make people believe Debbie was insane. Then they would have her committed, and he would get his custody ",--- the former member signed his name on a document, to the events of his conversation with Mr. Skousen.

The county court personal have played into Mr. Skousen's scheme, many playing willingly along --

(c)2009 all rights reserved

A Copy of Mr. Steven Jentzen's Bill

Steven M. Jentzen, P.C.
106 South Washington Street
Ypsilanti, Mi 48197

March 5, 2009

File# 08-4110
Inv # 1489


Date ------Description ---------------Hours ----------Amount-----Lawyer

Aug-25 08 Conference with Client, …-- 1.80-----------405.00 -----SMJ
Telephone call from
Client re: letter

Aug-26-08 Review email re:---------- 0.20------------ 45.00 -------SMJ ------Recommendation

Aug-29 -08 Review documents,------- 0.70 -----------157.50 -------SMJ
tele telephone phone
Call to client,
preparation objection to

Sept 15-08 Telephone to client,-------- -1.30 -------------292.50-----SMJ
Prepare motion, etc.,
Telephone call to receiver

Sept 16-08 Telephone call from client ---0.30-------------- 67.50------SMJ
Re: motion, file, documents

Sept. 22-08 Review email re: discovery---0.30-----------67.50--------SMJ

Oct-02-08 Prepare request for documents, 1.00---------225.00-------SMJ
Follow up on motion-service

Oct-09-08 Work on documents, ---------- 0.60-------- 135.00---------SMJ
telephone to client

Oct-10-08 Telephone call from------------ 0.30--------- 67.50---------SMJ
Sue Hamilton
re: receivership
Oct-17-08 telephone call client------------ 0.30----------67.50---------SMJ
telephone call client

Oct-27-08 Review file-------------------- 0.30----------67.50----------SMJ
Telephone call to

Oct.29-08 Review agreement------------- 3.00-------- 675.00----------SMJ

Nov. 19-08 Review e-mail from----------- 0.20--------- 45.00----------SMJ

Dec-01-08 Review-e-mail-----------------0.20----------45.00----------SMJ
Basement cleaning

Dec.05-08 Review e-mails---------------- 0.20-----------45.00---------SMJ

Dec.12-08 Review e-mail re--------------- 0.20-----------45.00---------SMJ
Mr.Skousen and
Clean up

Dec 19-08 telephone call to---------------- 2.30----------517.50---------SMJ
Client, attempted

Dec-22-08 Review e-mail re:
½ hour meeting --------------------------0.30------------ 67.50---------SMJ

Dec-23-08 Review e-mail---------------- 0.30------------ 67.50---------SMJ

Jan-16-09 Review e-mail---------------- 0.20-------------67.50---------SMJ
Dates in July

Totals 14.20 3,195.00
25% Pre-Paid Discount to Client 798.75
Total Fees After Discount 2,396. 25


Sept-16-08 Motion fee 20.00
Nov. 14-08 mailing 1.74
Totals 21.74

Total Fee & Disbursements __________

Retainer applied 1,700.00
Interest Rate………………………………………………………………………………………….....7.0%
Interest Due………………………………………………………………………………………………$0.00

Balance Now Due 717.99