Thursday, June 25, 2009

Samuel J. Skousen and Jan Skousen a Letter

Mrs. Hamilton e-mailed and stated you gave her a check for 3,000.00 dollars today for the roof, money for the roof and Ms. Hamilton too. Well, Sam,-- Samuel J. Skousen, King of the Hill, remember? You must be very satisfied with yourself. You made with off with everything and destroyed what you could. She is your hammer, like you said.

Sad, you could have not done the roof awhile ago as promised, you didn't, and left everyone hanging. Hope Jan's family enjoys the home, hope you make all the money you wanted so badly to have to do what you, it must have been very important to you. Money. Hope you gamble in Los Vegas, as Jan's family is accustom to --

Some of your kids cannot get jobs, because you were too busy making yourself important,they couldn't get the MBA you got, couldn't get the BA. They struggle to support their family. You did a fine job, you and Jan have such a wonderful and exciting life. You're the Mormon husband she dreamed of, the other one was too gentile. All you can think about, is the money you will make, money taking......... Money you and Jan ran through a bank account with my name on it -- Judge didn't care about that either. Just doesn't care.

Who was that lady sitting next to you in the hallway, the very first time we were at the FOC? Never figured out why she was there, but as I looked at the Judge today, they looked strangely the same, a twin perhaps? Remember you were almost crowing, as if there was something I didn’t know. First, I thought it was your attorney, but then no, never quite figured it out....

Since you and Jan have refused to come assist in taking the large items in the basement, or even help to clean a mess you left -- as you have done over the past many years, I will be contacting other charity organizations in the surrounding area, asking for assistance, hopefully there are some kind people left. Mormons are too fine a people, to be bothered with a tiny thing like making sure your kids got educated, your family emotionally healthy, or taken care of.

Your shameful, both you and Jan, going to Priesthood Meeting, Jan doing her Relief Society work, both of you running around making yourselves look good, helping your fellow Mormons, ---- letting the very thing in your life you were to cherish and take care of, go to ruin. It is unforgivable, and a hypocrisy, your a mighty powerful man--- like you wanted to be.

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  1. Guess, at times everyone is allowed some venting.

    Hope these people are held accountable one day, it is enough to make people lose faith in the justice system.

    Keep Strong!

    Religious? PHEW! Who needs that kind!!!