Sunday, June 7, 2009

David L. Morris, Samuel Skousen, Gerald Eidt

Additional information on attorney David L. Morris, from Allen Park, Michigan, who is a long time Skousen family friend. Mr. Samuel J. Skousen stated Mr. Morris was his attorney, which mean David is advising him -- however, this information has come forward on David Morris:

Transfer of an incompetent or incapacitated attorney to inactive status (MCR

On May 22,2008 in a notice issued by the Attorney Discipline Board, State of Michigan.
David L. Morris P 34973, Allen Park< Michgan, by the Attorney Discipline Baord
1. transfer t inactive Status
2. Effective May 22,2008
The Grievance Administrator and the respondent filed a stipulation containing the agreement of the parties that respondent be transferred to inactive status pursuant to MCR 9.121 (B) and until such time as he may be reinstated in accordance with MCR 9.121 (E).

Has Mr. David L. Morris been reinstated? Sure hope so if he is MR. Samuel J.Skousen's attorney!

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  1. Morris has not been reinstated.