Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Judge said Sue Hamilton could Evict

I wasn't a surprise today, Mr. Skousen had indicated the outcome a few weeks ago. Mr. Skousen told Ms. Hamilton he had money to pay her today, as we sat waiting for the judge this afternoon he told her he had several hundreds of dollars he could pay her, and could get more. He only mentioned the check for the roof, saying he had nothing more.

Deals have been done for decades in the legal system here.

The Judge said she didn't care if we were left homeless. Gary McCrire's wife was left living in a basement of her mothers home, after having his divorce heard before Judge Garagiola. She was left with nothing. There were allegations Gary was abusive and controlling, but his wife was ordered for psychological counseling.

My concern, we already had our home broken in, and there was an attempt to remove documents, some were removed. Now, the Judge is putting us in a position to have everything we have exposed to these criminals in the county. Do as told by the receiver or evict, the problem is the receiver can decide it at anytime, with or without cause. My largest objections to the receiver is, she misrepresented herself when she came to my home the first time, the second is she allowed me no funds to repair the inside of the home, and continually gave Mr. Skousen preferential treatment.

Remembering the campaign signs of Judge Garagiola and William McCririe which were place one on top of the other, no surprise she would rule harshly. I think I have read where their children were friends, in long ago article I read.

A call came in to my son while I was in court, which referred to home brakes-in occurring currently in our area. Which has put my son on edge. No doubt from someone in the county, by what was stated. They wanted their sign put up on our yard also. --- funny, funny.

The judge does not care if women are left homeless, doesn't care a crime was covered up, just doesn't care.

An earlier case today in her court, was the son of Neil Nielsen, it is a DM case, that means a domestic case. Nielsen, William McCririe, Steve Garagiola a Channel 4 News caster, wife Judge Garagiola, buds?

Nielsen had been in trouble several years back on a penny stock scam he ran. Not sure all the out come on the case.

The other call which came in said a long time debt was to be paid.

Guess, a deal is a deal, even if it is a crime.

I had wanted the home repaired so a loss would not incurred, wanted to make sure we would be safe as the home was being sold. I wanted Mr. Skousen to remove the junk he left, which is too large for me to handle. --- Oh, no not precious Mr. Skousen, Mr. Skousen clean up a mess he left --- absolutely not!

Mr. Skousen is going back to Korea, even though he stated he lost his job. Did he keep his apartment there?


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