Friday, September 4, 2009

Janice Eudis Nielsen Skousen, Samuel J. Skousen and the Nielsen family

Below is a portion of a letter given to Janice Skousen on July 28, 2006:

Dear Janice Nielsen Skousen,

"In a phone call conversation earlier this month with Mr. Skousen, he stated you and Mr. Skousen wanted individuals belonging to your extended friendship group and family members of your ex husbands family, to enter into my home for the purpose of viewing he house at (address of home ). It was expressed in the form of a demand, and it was stated you would obtain a court order to do so, if I refused or questioned, the entry of your friends and family members of your former husband whom you are close with, the Nielsen family, from entering my home.

The home has not been brought up to standard, or properly repaired, as I had put into the court orders years ago, and further damaged by Mr. Skousen, as well as normal maintenance required to maintain a home needs to be done. It was also stated by Mr. Skousen that you would refuse to repair the home and wanted your family and friends to view my home for the purchase of my un repaired home.

This letter is to inform you, you have knowingly involved yourself in illegal criminal activity for the purpose of defrauding, self enrichment, enrichment of friends and family as well as in illegal cover up of wrongful activity,......"

Mr. Samuel Jan Skousen and Janice Nielsen Skousen also had a bank account in my name going to their home for almost five yeas, without my knowledge or permission, which Janice and Mr. Skousen used for bank deposits, withdrawals and transferring large sums of money in and out.

Some religious people they are.

another letter will be added to the blog.