Friday, June 5, 2009

Gerald Eidt, Samuel J. Skousen and Attorney David L. Morris

Past time to update “Is this the Christian Thing to Do?”

It was court day today, in front of Mr. Eidt. Mr. Skousen did not give the discovery information, which was requested, and Mr. Jentzen did not fulfill his promise to mail me the discovery information on Mr. Samuel J. Skousen many business. There are around 10 plus business Mr. Skousen is running in different names of incorporation which I located and may be more.

Mr. Gerald Eidt stated he had not received my income information, even though my son had taken it to the FOC last week and dropped it off. The clerk signed for the packet. Mr. Edit stated he is not given items addressed to him, which is given to the FOC, where he works. Guess, it goes into limbo land. After Mr. Eidt feigning he had no information in the file, had no idea who in the FOC would be given a packet addressed to him, which was signed for by the clerk in the FOC, Mr. Gerald Eidt was completely clueless as to where the packet may have gone.

However, Mr. Eidt located the ‘missing information’; when I picked up my cell phone to make a call to my son.-- I did not need to make the call, Mr. Eidt quickly located the information and attached letter. Gee, it was in the file-- in the first few sheets on top of the file.

It looked a bit of a charade regarding the missing packet of information, and an attempt to be dismissive.

Mr. Samuel Skousen perjured himself. Wonder if the courts will penalize him on perjured statements? If he told the truth, it would indite the court and Mr. Skousen in the cover up which has gone on.

Amazing --- and normal

It is unfortunate when ‘religious’ people behave the way this group has – it is a complete mockery. In observation of them, they appear to enjoy it, as if it is some form of game, a game of calculation, a thrill of the kill—

Mr. Skousen, mentioned "his attorney" David L. Morris, who has a law office in Allen Park, Michigan [that is way across town]. Dave has not attended any of the current hearings, Nola Skousen, Mr. Skousens spinster sister, worked several years ago for Dave Morris in his small law practice when she was out of work.

Dave Morris, Mr. Samuel Skousen, along with two other Livingston County attorneys and another sitting Judge at the time, were involved a few years back, in attempting to run the sale of real estate through a family member of current sitting Judge Susan Geddis, through Susan's brother in law Gary McCurire, none disclosing the family relationship, or the conflict of interest in the involvement. The property was going to be grossly undervalued, and myself defrauded.

Sam ( Mr. Skousen ) has been stating he was Pro Per. However, David L. Morris must be advising Mr. Skousen on the sidelines, since he is not listed as his attorney in court record -- I doubt Dave’s influence was ever far. A smoke screen, by David Morris and Mr. Samuel J. Skousen.

David L. Morris is a long time childhood friend of Mr. Samuel Skousen youngest brother Jay P. Skousen, Jays wife Jan Skousen and baby sister Nola Skousen. They grew up together and were quite a clique. Dave as a child was cruel and caustic to others outside their clique; this is of course, an observation, which formed a personal opinion of him and reinforced later, when a couple having the misfortune to run up against them in their adult years, mentioned to me the "clique" had forced him and his wife to move, because of catty things being said to his wife. and their marginalizing his wife in the LDS Ward they were attending together. -- it was always more peaceful to live far away from them, and it was not difficult to empathize with the husband. He was a good husband to protect his wife from them and move her away, so his wife would not be their victim.

As a child, Dave often pranced around telling of his 'elite' Mormon polygamist roots; appearing to feel superior to others, [personal opinion of course-] -- glorious polygamist roots! It was not surprising Davie would delight in entering in.

additional information per poster comment:

(By Consent)
Case No. 07-56-PI
Notice Issued: May 29, 2008

David L. Morris, P 34973, Allen Park, Michigan, by the Attorney Discipline Board.

A former church member came to my home and told me of a conversation he had with Mr. Skousen, he was kind enough to write a note on what he stated Mr. Skousen said during the conversation with him. The note dated 7/28/99 reads:

"I had worked on Sam Skousen's car he told me he really wanted to get the children. Sam told me he and his attorney David Morris,( a Mormon church member) was going to try and make people believe Debbie was insane. Then they would have her committed, and he would get his custody ",--- the former member signed his name to the events of his conversation with Mr. Skousen.

for other reasons, why they abused Ms. Skousen and wanted her discredited; cut and paste:

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  1. Is Dave the guy who's law partner defrauded someone?

    The whole thing seems and seemed shady.

  2. I think you are right. Didn't the partner lose his ability to practice law for awhile?

    Did Dave go the BYU law school? They need to produce better ethical attorneys.

  3. Looks like not only did David L. Morris law partner get into trouble, looks like David L. Morris did also.

    Looks like David the ding wing Morris was befor the Attorney Discipline Board. Yikes!!!
    Case No. 07-56-PI May 29,2008
    this is what it says: "the Grievance Administrator and the respondent filed a stipulation containing the agreement of the parties that respondent be transferred to inactive status pursuant to MCr 9.121(B) and until such time as he MAY BE REINSTATED in accordance with MCR 9.121(E)
    That above is for Attorney David L. Morris, Allen Park, Michigan by the Attorney Discpline Board.
    YIKEs! and Dave is practing law by being Mr. Samuel Skousens lawyer --- was he reinstated? Yikes..... Finally, someone caught up to Dave :-)

  4. No, Dave has not been reinstated yet. Mr. Samuel Skousen stated in April, 2009 that David Morris was his attorney?!

    Yikes. Mr. Morris has NOT been reinstated.