Monday, March 16, 2009

I Hired an Attorney associated with the Alliance Defense Fund pt. 2

Mr. Jentzen has withdrawn from the case.

"Is This the Christan Thing to Do?" suddenly has disappeared from a google search, it appeared under Mr. Jentzen's name, Sam Skousen's name and Janice Skousen's name, as well as the first page of a search under its title. - gone -

Nothing on this Blog is untruthful; everything is documented. It puzzles me, people wish to hide their activity. An unborn child is important - my son asked why his life has not been important to those individuals who promote a right to life? Why his life has been damaged, as cover-ups, abuse, misinformation, and at times lies were spread? And why people who claim values and honesty, at times, show little of this attribute.

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