Monday, March 30, 2009

Motion to Stay to be Heard/strange e-mail

The Motion to Stay hearing, was moved from last Thursday (March 26, 2009) to tomorrow (March 31, 2009),before Judge Carol Hackett Garagiola

I was forced into a hearing on March 20, 2009, without and attorney, Mr. Jentzen had withdrawn on March 7,2009. The hearing was intimidating;- I had put in a Motion of Stay prior to the hearing, since my attorney had withdrew – but the motion submitted into court had been ignored.

The Motion of Stay had been submitted in court the week prior to the March 20, 2009 hearing, and scheduled to be heard on March 26,2009. There had been no response from Mr. Skousen objecting to the motion into court, and only smugness during the March 20, 2009 hearing.

Last Thursday, when the Motion was to be heard, Mr. Skousen had not responded.

As posted in an earlier blog, the Judge and FOC, had meet the night before the Friday, March 20, 2009 hearing and stated the hearing was to proceeded before the FOC; even with the Motion of Stay scheduled to be heard.

The strangest e-mail came through the e-mail today. I had to cut and paste it was from Mr. Skousen (March 30, 2009). Below is the e-mail.

TO: Elaine Brown
CC: P.C. Sue A. Hamilton
Monday, March 30, 2009 5:04:38 PM
I am in Korea and heard from my wife (Janice Eudis Nielsen Skousen) about a hearing scheduled for 4PM on the 31st of March requesting a 120 day stay. Because I am in Korea I have been unable to respond on this matter. Can you forward this response to Judge Garagiola just so the court understands my postion. I understand that since I will not be there and can not afford an attorney at this time that the matter may be defaulted to the plaintiff's request.

I will send a copy with my scanned signature later today (during your night).

I appreciate the help.

Samuel J. Skousen
1 248 504 4548 (this number will reach me in Korea)

Mr. Skousen, the hearing was originally scheduled for last Thursday, March 26, 2009. You had not even responded to the Motion of Stay on March 20, 2009, which you had already recieved served prior to March 20, 2009. I was forced into a hearing with you-- without and attorney, or my file! And you weep tears you are out of the country now, you are in Korea and you can not respond. What were you doing when you were in Michigan those several weeks?

Something is strange about the whole thing, there was no rushed e-mail last Thursday when the Motion of Stay was initially scheduled to be heard, but was cancelled because the Judge was ill. There was nothing put into court since you were first notified and served,weeks prior about the Motion of Stay. The Stay was filed in court weeks ago, while you were in the States.

Something strange is going on, and has been -

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