Friday, March 20, 2009

Judge Carol Hackett Garagiola, Mr. Eidt went ahead with the hearing, Sue Hamiltion attended

Judge Hackett Garagiola made me go pro per in the court hearing, without attorney representation, my files, or anything to fall back on. I had the Motion of Stay at hand and Mr. Jentzens e-mail stating he withdrew as of March 7, 2009, but it was ignored – I was negated the right to locate another attorney, or preparation. I did not have my files, Mr. Jantzen has them, and Mr. Eidt went ahead with proceedings, per Judge Garagiola’s request - seems they spoke the night before.

Crime had been covered up for their peers and associates in the Livingston County legal system, which lead to backdoor deals, and cover up without my knowledge; leaving us as victims and another a victim - and stuck here for years - damaged; it was deflected today, as it has in the past -- I intend not to let them brush it under the rug - I am not going to let them forget and brush aside as they wish.

In case anyone wonders, I did call ADF and gave them a link to the blog. The blog has not been done without their knowledge; I mentioned how Mr. Jentzen had conducted himself in his representation of me these many months, and asked them the same question: “Is this is a Christian thing to Do?

From observation, for some it does not seem to appear it troubles them much, if it is the Christian thing to do, or not.

I wrote a letter to Ms. Hamilton, the receiver Mr. Skousen wanted to use as a hammer, to beat out concessions, when I returned home. She was pretty tough in the hearing, saying go along with her recommendations or be evicted -- her voice filling the room with the word "eviction", as she brushed aside the crime which was committed that caused the problem in the first place, her focus on Mr. Skousens welfare -- the relief he needed. Never addressing the needed relief we needed from being terrorized and harassed.

"The relief HE needed"- she spoke, she should ask our son about the relief he needs, about the things he overheard, about the abuse the county, it's legal people, who violated a child rights,- violations done to protect a friend of theirs- and took away two children's rights -- what relief was given the children from what they put him through, letting valuable years slip away -- ask my son Ms. Hamilton!

Bankruptcy for one she feels, relief for the other--- some groups need to hear the words spoken on that! callus- demeaning comments.

My son asked, when a question was asked, but never answered: "Why was she going to use the person who committed the crime to work for her, when she put her bid in a few months ago?" Referring to an extreme cost of repairs she was going to charge using her contacts. When I asked her to give me the names of the people she was planning on using, it was ignored.

At times a feeling over takes me and an inner voice cries out: "what if it was your child, what if it was your child!" "I wish you would go through the same!" "The same you inflict on others!"

Mr. Jentzen already said, it isn't. When I asked him what if it was your daughter? His response was "but it is not" --- (and maybe why he had no conscience when not notifying of a hearing or showing, forcing pro per with the court, with the document he demanded me to sign, --- --not a Christ like attitude. There maybe better people to represent the unborn child -- if one cannot respect life which is living, you mock the unborn child. Not even to have the decency to notify of a hearing, the legal rights of people-- proclaiming He believes in the rights of the unborn child-- Seems twisted, distorted to me.

The hearing was intimidating and I felt intimidated, and under duress- which I stated to them openly.

What a choice, go along, or evicted. Below is what I sent to her:

Ms. Hamilton,

There is an area I wanted to draw to your attention, as considerate as you were with Mr. Skousen’s money flow; allowing Mr. Skousen take a mortgage out to lower payments and to cover his expenses on repair of the roof. However for me, I have to take money from the little I make, to pay for interior repairs while having added expenses. You did not understand I trying to get this across to you. (but then maybe she did understand).

Mr. Skousen, is not out any money from his pocket – but I am to struggle, to go to collage, pay car repairs, insurance, bills for my sons car and insurance and I do cover some of his expenses, as well as the additional bills you requested, also to come up with interior home repairs from the little money my son and I have.

This and other reasons are why I need time to locate another attorney, than Mr. Jantzen who was a complete failure.( my personal opinion, through my experience)

-- debbie
It was unfair they forced a hearing, with no representation, no time to prepare myself -- and what Selective constitutional rights? Jentzen withdrew per March 7th, his withdraw stipulation, which he demanded I sign, stated HE wanted 7 days including a weekend, -- meaning four days, for me to find an attorney or go pro per in a hearing, with no time to prepare, that is what Jentzen who beat his chest procliming Constitutional rights stipulated -- beat his chest procliming Constitutional right, yet never notified of hearings or showed up for hearing he himslef scheduled-- then proclaims Constitutional rights! --is that the Christan man Jentzen? -- it doesn't seem the Christian thing to do.

Beware all born children-

“This is a tremendous victory for the most basic of our constitutional rights,” --Steven Jentzen. Mr. Jentzen seems twisted on his views on constitutional rights, when he never notifies people of hearing, never shows up. .

SIGN THIS, he demanded - even if his stipulation gave little rights!

--go along or evicted. -- intimidated and under duress. "I will sign for you, if you don't"

Is this the Christian Thing to Do?

“This is a tremendous victory for the most basic of our constitutional rights,”
Jentzen said in a statement obtained. “Pro-life speech should not be treated as second...

Was Mr. Jentzen concerned about our constitutional rights for legal consuel and representation?

At times it feels like it is crooked thing to do.........

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