Monday, March 9, 2009

I Hired a Christian Attorney, who was involved in cases associated with Alliance Defense Fund

My requests were simple, put in a motion to enforce the divorced judgment to have the home repaired, stop Mr. Skousen’s request for the home to go into receivership, and stop Mr. Skousen request to revise the divorce agreement taking away pension and alimony agreements.

This is what happened. A motion went in, with ‘a paper’ missing the court required, I was told - Mr. Jentzen said, a paper was missing, one not required in Washtenaw County, but in Livingston County when filing a motion. Most motions put into court require a motion, twenty dollars, a notarized signature, a praecipe and proof of service.

What paper was missing? Was he unfamiliar with Livingston County courts procedures? According to the Chelsea Standard, Steven Jentzen represented Webster Twp. Supervisor Dean Fisher on alcohol-related and other charges, dismissed- a byline carried. The Livingston County Court Administrator Mary Ellen Nygren is quoted in the article – and the following quote also is in the article: “Washtenaw County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Joe Burke said Fishers attorney, Steven Jentzen, has filed a motion to dismiss those charges.”

However in my case, a hearing was held without notification being sent to me, or my attorney showing up in the court. The judges orders never were sent to me by my attorney. I only learned about the judges orders weeks later, when the receiver called. The receiver mailed me the judges orders, after her call arrived ----a hearing I never knew about! Even though my attorney, according the record on his bill, spoke with the receiver a day after he missed the court hearing. Missing a hearing, not showing up, one defaults!

Life has been brutal, and sadly at the hands of people one would not think could be as cruel, or as cruel as they were. It was a simple thing which has been asked -- let us have a home, a life --a chance.

Yes, Mr. Jentzen knew the reason our home had not gone up for sale after the divorce; a secret pack, an agreement, I had not learned about for years. An agreement which would outrage any mother - and one a mother is not going to forget easily - or put in the past.

I guess if one is looking for an attorney to read e-mails, one who sets a meeting time with you and place, but never arrives and goes somewhere else, one who requests you to e-mail them and set two dates to meet with you and your former spouse after missing a meeting with you, to work out an agreement, then never responds back, fails to notify of hearings, and fails to send judges orders, the Decemeber 22,2008 listing on the bill: read e-mail- 1/2 meeting -- I have no idea what or who 1/2 meeting was with or about- the e-mail was not more than a few sentences.

Then sends a bill-

Is it a Christian Thing to do?

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