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I hired an Alliance Defense Fund Attorney/Web Search and Bank Account

Updated ---

Mr. Steven Jentzen to date has not put in his withdrawal in court, after notifying me on the 9th of March, he was withdrawing from the case; at least it did not appear on the Register of Actions when I checked yesterday. The Motion of Stay was not heard, after waiting for awhile at court, I was told the Judge was ill and had cancelled court hearings for the day, the motion was re-scheduled for next Tuesday.

The web search has been interesting to watch. Below (the Northville Ward info) has disappeared from a google search which Is this a Christan Thing to Do had been listed under, but appears in a Yahoo search; however, "Is This a Christian Thing to Do" does not appear in a Yahoo in a search. -- (*it is now back up under google search and Janice's facebook is now showing; one will not see our youngest son on her facebook; he has his own story to tell of the abuse in the Skousen Family, and how people are forced to submit, or their life destroyed.).

" Janice Skousen ---Members - The Northville Ward Relief Society Enrichment Groups (Novi ...
Meet other local Mormons to discuss God, religion and what is means to be a Latter Day Saint. ... Meetup Groups are today's support groups, ... Janice Skousen " - Cached"

I sat across from Janice Eudis Nielsen Skousen in a meeting a few weeks ago, and asked her why they were running a bank account in my name which was being sent to her address on Bramley Court, New Hudson, Michigan. I have never lived on Bramley Court and never in New Hudson, Michigan. I had been unaware they had a bank account in my name going to their house. Bank deposits, a U.S. Treasury income tax return of over $14,000.00, many deposits over $8,000.00, others of $14,000.00 and various amounts; many deposited within weeks, sometimes days, of each other. I had found out about the account by accident. Janice Skousen, fluttered and twittered and said she was Samuel Skousen's wife, and it was her husbands business, then smiled coyly and stated the account was now in her name along with her husband. Then why did they keep a bank account with my name on it?
Strange, most strange.

The account in my name had been going to her home for over four-five years, I never knew my name was listed on a Bank account going to their home -- Mr. Skousen and I had not been married for ten years! I gave no permission.

Half truths told. Mr. Skousen had lied about me for years, supported by his family. He told misleading and false stories like, how he was 'forced' to sleep in the basement, failing to say he had taken his son's place. Our son had felt he was too old to share a bedroom with his youngest brother, and put his bed in the basement - he wanted a room of his own, like our eldest daughter had upstairs in our home. His sister, did not have to share with her younger sisters, had a phone of her own, and Dad bought her a new (about 1 and 1/2 year old) car, which we made payments on; her phone bills to her friends and boyfriend ran several hundreds of dollars a month to close to a thousand dollars in a month time - even rude comments were not unusual and made; when a boy, she met at a mormon college and became engaged to, came to stayed at our home one summer. I was told "if I wanted help cleaning the home, to hire a maid". I had asked for help carrying groceries in the home, when I was running late for work. I was raised everyone helped with cleaning the home and chores, not only Mom.

Our son, had to buy a old car off his dad, one given to his father. The basement was unfinished, and cold. Our son came down sick, Mr. Skousen would turn the down the heat very low at night; it would freeze in the basement. As much as my son and I tried to beg Mr. Skousen to turn up the heat at night, he refused. I also asked Mr. Skousen, if he would build a room for our son downstairs, but he was too busy.

My son had become very ill, and we discussed why his father could not understand, and suggested his father take his place, to experience what he was allowing his own son to go through. . I suggested to Mr. Skousen to sleep a night or two downstairs to see what his son was experiencing. My husband defamed me before our divorce and after, he told he forced into the basement by me, never telling the whole story -- when all he did was to take his own son's place - a son he was allowing to become ill.

I know my girls took a fall, and were used as front people, becoming the "fall guys", and were put up to do some very cruel things; one day Samuel Skousen will need to step forward and be honest - as well as the Skousen Family- there are no halo's in the Skousen family. Janice Eudis Nielsen Skousen has her own motives.

[* * Joel Skousen, on Janice Skousen’s facebook, -- is not one of our sons, he more than likely is the youngest son of Mr. Skousen's brother, Jay Payne Skousen and his wife Jan Skousen. (yes, there are two Jan's in the Skousen family) Mr. Skousen eldest son, changed his last name, and no longer carries the Skousen name; we cannot blame him for that, our youngest son plans to change his last name also]

I rarely ever knew the Skousen family to be honest, in my experience with them.

Is this the Christian Thing to Do?

Honesty, must not be the basis of a Christ like life for many.

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