Thursday, March 19, 2009


We are working on putting up the the conversations with Mr. Samuel Skousen and Janice Skousen, my son and I are not computer savvy, it is a learning curve for us. Mr. Steven Jentzen withdrew on March 7, 2009. I was notified by e-mail on March 9,2008, but did not pick up the e-mail for a day or two.

In Mr. Jentzen withdrawal, he put in an order I find an ATTORNEY WITH 7 DAYs, or go pro per in a court hearing within days --- an all day court hearing! Isn't it nice he believes people, should have so little time to find representation, or prepare themselves and without their files!

Does not seem like a Christian thing to do, but it was not Christian defaulting in court either in October, when Mr. Jentzen failed to show up, or notify me of a hearing.

I received an letter from Mr. Jentzen today, saying if I did not sign his withdrawal he was coming to be my attorney. Mr. Jentzen is aware, I put a Motion of Stay in, to give time to locate a new attorney ---

I cannot sign what Jentzen drew up, and sent my own order of withdrawal without his stipulations. Maybe he feels people are mindless and should sign whatever is given to them!

I have notified Mr. Jentzen he withdrew as of the ninth and was no longer my attorney ( on the seventh he withdrew, however according to his e-mail). Mr. Jentzens tells of a call from the FOC, Mr. Eidt, perhaps?

It is beyond me, Judge Hackett- Garagiola (her husband works as newsman, in Michgian) can let women be so ganged up on! Fully knowing what is going on. There will be more on this on a later blog.

Maybe, more is going on in the Livingston County courts, and people are getting hurt, we were -- they were brutal and covered up wrongs and crimes of people associated with the courts.

Doesn't seem like a Christian thing to do.

Mr. Steven Jentzen, you know what was covered up, you know the crime it is, you know who was involved --- and the threats made to cover up -- and so do the courts!

“This is a tremendous victory for the most basic of our constitutional rights,” Jentzen said in a statement obtained. “Pro-life speech should not be treated as second..."

Beware born child -- selective some have selective constitutional rights.

seems better people could represent the unborn.

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