Friday, April 3, 2009

Hearing Before David Reader and a walk down the Hall with Neal Nielsen

Yesterday, April 2, 2009, there was a hearing before David Reader on a disqualification of Judge Carol Hackett Garagiola.

I have an appeals in the State of Michigan Appeals Court on an earlier decision of Judge Readers. The Appeals was entered into Livingston County court well over a week ago. Judge Reader was proceeding with the hearing, when I mentioned there was an appeals in. Reader stated it was not in the file, and I mentioned again, I had an appeals in.

I gave Judge Reader a copy of the Appeals.

Strange court file, not having the information in the file, especially since a copy was entered into Livingston County Court record. Wonder where it went?

I mentioned to the Judge I had given Livingston County Courts two copies of the appeals, paid a $25.00, and received a receipt, the receipt was at home.

Glad I had a copy of the appeals with me.

On my way into court for the 8:30 a.m. hearing, Neal Nielsen entered the court and cleared security before I entered. Nielson went into the clerks office; I noted on my way in, he was looking out the door of the clerks office. By the time I cleared security, picked up my purse, and started down the hallway, Nielson was at my side. He had taken a few quick steps to catch up, and proceeded to stay right next to me down the hallway.

Most people don't intrude on others personal space, when there is no intention of an conversation; they stay slightly behind, or pace themselves ahead

On about me: it tells of a day in the FOC, when: being in front of FOC referee Gerald Eidt, who clearly stated he does not read items in a case he is presiding over – this may be why Mr. Eidt named a former attorney, of Mr. Skousen’s, Neal Nielsen as receiver of our home; Mr. Skousen giggled as he lowered his head. After my objection, he proceeded to name other attorneys associated with Mr. Skousen.

"On November 14, 2001, the Commission filed an application for an order to enforce investigative subpoenas served on Neal D. Nielsen and Scott Nielsen, his son. The subpoenas sought documents and testimony from both individuals relating to false and misleading messages about publicly traded companies posted on Internet investor websites. Neal D. Nielsen and Scott Nielsen have not complied with the subpoenas issued by the Commission. A hearing on the Commission's application has not yet been scheduled."

There are many concerns on the conduct which has gone on for years in our courts and legal system.

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